ebooks, e-books, children's books, picture books ebooks, e-books, children's books, picture books

ebooks, e-books, children's books, picture books

ebooks, e-books, children's books, picture books

ebooks, e-books, children's books, picture books

Veronica @ Bamboolababy
Recently I had the pleasure of reading a marvelous story about Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg. It�s a new eBook for children and if you haven�t downloaded it yet, you should. It�s a fun story about a little girl named Candy who has a very busy daddy. One day he buys her a very interesting pet � a dinosaur � Cankersaurus Rex, to be exact. She trains him to be a good pet. �� the First Rule is no biting!� They are having a lot of fun together playing hide-and-seek until one day � Candy�s beloved Cank is gone! Did he get lost? Or, perhaps, did someone take him away from Candy? And where did Cank end up? All dinosaur-loving boys and girls will love this adventurous book (no worries, it has a happy end).Those of you that are interested in quantity, the whole story is written on 28 colorful pages. Each page has a picture and about 3 � 4 lines of text making it perfect for preschoolers. For just $1.99 you can download the story about Candy and Cank for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. Kindle and Kobo versions are also available. A total life-saver during a long wait at the doctor�s office (we hate you, flu season!) or a long flight (not too fond of those either). Or simply a nice way to end their adventurous day and finally tuck them into bed (there are days we all pray for 8 pm).

Susan @ Suko's Notebook
Although money cannot buy happiness, it can buy you a sensational pet. A young, well-to-do girl named Candy gets a pet dinosaur from her father, Mister Wellington, who only wants to make his daughter happy. When the Cankersaurus Rex arrives at the Wellington mansion by helicopter from the Island that Time Forgot, Candy is thrilled. She names her new pet Cank, and attempts to teach him not to bite. Chucky, Candy's best friend and neighbor, becomes jealous and asks his (rather matronly-looking) mother if he can also have a dinosaur as a pet. She tells him in no uncertain terms that he cannot--dinosaurs are extinct, after all. Crestfallen, Chucky decides to take matters into his own hands. Wearing his signature sailor suit, Chucky kidnaps Cank, and eventually leaves him at a circus. This book is adorable! Candy and the Cankersaur seems to be the right length for young children, 28 pages, with a few lines of text on each page. There's some drama and tension in the story, enough to capture and hold the interest of children. The author thinks that this picture book would work well as a bedtime story for children ages 3-6, and as a read-alone book for children ages 6-9. The drawings are fabulous! I loved how this book looked on my iPad mini. While I was reading it I marveled over how wonderful the pictures looked. The pages fit beautifully on the screen. The colors of the cartoons are pleasing and the illustrations have the perfect amount of detail, neither too much nor too little. After I read this book, I wished that my young nephews lived closer so that I could share the book with them on my iPad mini (maybe I'm not completely old-school if I can picture reading to them in this way). With this book Jason Sandberg pays homage to author Syd Hoff, who wrote the book Danny and the Dinosaur (notice the similar titles and the pet dinosaurs). I know kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and that many kids would probably like to have them as pets. (When I was a child, I longed to have a chimpanzee as a pet, but that's a story for another day.) I'm sure this book would stimulate the imaginations of young children. As a child I loved looking at picture books, and I still remember the impact they had on me. I wanted to stare at the pictures for as long as possible, as if that would somehow enable me to enter the world on the pages. This book would have a similar effect on children, I think. It's simply charming.

Heather @ Owlnestly Reviews
I used to love reading children's books when I was a kid and I used to fall in love with the pictures. This book is no different. The illustrations are very eye-catching and if I was still a kid I would definitely enjoy looking at them while being read the story. This is one of those books that might just be a childhood favorite. I would read it to those kids I babysit, that's for sure. The story itself was very cute and it also had dinosaurs, which is always a plus. I mean what kid doesn't like dinosaurs? If you're a parent looking for an inexpensive read for your child I would recommend Candy and the Cankersaur. It was just too adorable!

Misty @ Kindle Obsessed
Afternoon Kindle-Parents!! Today I have a pretty interesting book to share with you called �Candy and the Cankersaur� by Jason Sandberg. Now, the book says 4-8 so I test drove it on both of my bitty bots to gather their thoughts. Anyways�here is a little about the book, a look at the art work, and what they had to say. With two incredibly cranky kids this week, Candy and the Cankersaur was a bit of a challenge. First of all�it was going up against a book full of silly monsters who like to stuff socks in each others ears (who wouldn�t like that?) But, after a little persuasion and some mild bribing I finally sold them on the idea of a pet dinosaur and we plopped down on the couch to take it all in. Frick (my 8-year-old) loved the story. And was especially amused by the constant use of the phrase �no biting.� (I will attribute this to the fact that his daddy bites his toes and fingers on a regular basis.) Trinity�to be honest, could have cared less. While the book wasn�t exactly �wordy� it did boast some pretty big words (more than once) for her 4-year-old mind. Instead�she sat back, enjoyed the art work and then decided to retell the story in her own words. �There was this girl, and someone gave her a dinosaur who like to eat trees. Then he went to the circus and ate the cage. Then�he ate cupcakes. Ummm� cupcakes. Can we have cupcakes mommy?� So, while I can�t give this book the 5 star rating I think it deserves�I will give it the 4 my kids think it deserves and a big ol pat on the back for some awesome artwork that fueled my daughters imagination. In other words: Kid tested�mommy approved.

Scatty @ The Big Nerd
As an adult looking five year old, I loved this book. DINOSAURS! Must I say anything else? Probably every kid would love to have a dinosaur as a pet. The illustrations were well done and I liked that there was space on the bottom of each page specifically for the written portion of the story. The story itself was very nice and I liked the lesson it taught. Taking responsibilities for your mistakes and apologizing for them. Though I'm sure most kids will probably just see a dinosaur pet and want one for themselves.

Hannah @ Sty of Books
I was asked to review Candy and the Cankersaur by the author, Jason Sandberg, and I have to say it�s a great child�s ebook. For one, the colors are amazing, for the lack of better words. They�re very complimentary, and I love the repeating purple and yellow scheme. The scenes just pop out and they�re very vibrant, which will definitely hold the attention of a child. Even though it�s drawn in a cartoon style, the objects also have textures, and so it doesn�t look like a flat picture. There�s definitely substance on every page. The writing is a bit different from other children�s books, and I mean that in a good way. Instead of just simple sentences, the author uses complex constructions, which are great for introducing a child to a wide variety of language skills. He also uses not so common children�s words, like sulk and devoured, but that�s a great way for a child to expand his or her vocabulary. I think this would be a great book for parents and children to read together. The story itself is rather complex. It�s not just one straight line, but rather a story that has a plot and character development. It�s interesting how there are parent-child relationships, friend relationships, and pet-ownership relationships that all develop within about 28 pages. If you�re looking for an ebook for your child, I highly suggest this one. Besides, it has a dinosaur. What�s better than that? On a side note: Perhaps this is me being too picky, but it�s a bit depressing that the dinosaur, Cank, only has one facial expression. When it says that he�s frightened, the dinosaur still looks happy. However, the people characters display emotions well.

Naida @ The Bookworm
Candy Wellington is a little girl who lives in a big mansion. Her dad, Mr. Wellington, tends to be too busy working to spend much time with her. One day he buys Candy a special pet, a dinosaur straight from America and 'the island that time forgot'. It's a real life Cankersaur! Candy starts training her new pet right away, much to the envy of her neighbor and playmate, Chucky. Not everyone is happy about Candy and her new pet and Chucky devises a plan that sends everyone involved on a unique adventure. Candy and the Cankersaur is perfect for young readers, I'd say preschool age. The moral in the story is to always be honest and help friends out. I think young children will be entertained while reading this one and would love to read it time and time again. The book is beautifully illustrated and I found the characters to be charming. The colors and drawings jump right off the pages and make this for a fun read. The storyline was very cute, especially when Chucky devises his little scheme and the adventure takes off. I think Chucky needs his own book next. I do wish that Candy's dad would have told her he was going to spend more time with her from now on, but the final illustration does show Candy, Chucky, Cank and her dad all gathered together for tea, so it is implied. Author Jason Sandberg says "I'm a father so I aim to make all my books enjoyable for adults too. There are always a few books a child falls in love with, so as a parent you're expected to read them over and over and over..." He's absolutely right, young children love to have their favorite stories read to them many times, and this is the type of children's book that parents will find entertaining as well. This is an adorable children's book. I had a smile on my face as I read it.

Kat @ Mum Reinvented
My little niece is obsessed with dinosaurs, she spends most of her time roaring while dressed as the dinosaur from Toy Story. Needless to say when I was asked if I�d like to review a book featuring a dinosaur, I knew the perfect little girl to help me do it! We�ve read the book together and she has since read it with her mum and dad and seems to really like it, there�s certainly a lot of roaring and dinosaur noises and games taking place afterwards anyway, so I take it that it�s a hit. It�s a lovely story about a little girl who despite having everything she could possibly want from her busy father, just wants to be able to spend more time with him. One of her more exotic gifts is Cank, the Cankersaurus Rex, who soon turns her world upside down but in the nicest possible way. But jealously soon gets the better of her little friend Chucky and Cank disappears! Will Candy ever see Cank again? I thought this story was very sweet, the illustrations are wonderful and echo those I loved as a child and it was great to read with my dinosaur loving niece who was absolutely thrilled with it. I thought some of the words in the book might have been a little too long for her to understand (she�s only 3) but she didn�t question any of them, so clearly she understands more than I gave her credit for! I think this one will be a favourite for quite some time to come.

Freda @ Freda's Voice
What a cute little book! Blended with brilliant illustrations, this story is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike. However this is one of those books that is appropriate for mom or dad to read to the kids before bed, maybe not so much on their own. I appreciate the value of teaching the first rule of no biting. Some kids could stand to learn that rule as well as dinosaurs. It also teaches not to compete in an unhealthy way. And that is a valuable lesson to instill at any age!

Jinky @ Jinky is Reading
I really liked the illustrations. It was happy and easy on the eyes. Moreover, the story started off great with a tone that alluded to a moral message. It starred a Richie Rich-like protagonist, Candice Wellesley Wellington, Candy for short. Candy's father was often found too busy to spend time with her so his solution was to shower Candy with rare toys to keep her busy. One day, Mr. Wellington even managed to find a dinosaur ..yep, Cankersaur Rex, for Candy. Sweet young Candy of course wanted to train Cank (nickname she called him) to be nice and not bite. Top that with a jealous boy (Chucky) next door vying for Candy�s attention and you�ve rounded up an interesting crew and potential learning story. However, the ending didn't wow me as I'd hoped. It was a cute and happy ending but something was off. Perhaps it wrapped up too quickly and neat and the moral message didn't quite flow with the note that I sensed in the beginning of the book. My 6yo daughter (she read this too) must have sensed something also because when I asked her how much she liked it, she said it was "in the middle". The best part of the story that I liked was when Candy's father took the time to help Candy and Chucky find Cank. It was a moment that a parent can pause to point out to his child that Candy's father really does love Candy and took time for her. I suppose I wanted that same greatness for the ending, instead it ended with a different sort of goodness.

Beth @ Beth Art From the Heart
Good Morning my Peeps! Today I have a real treat for you-- a children's book, Candy and the Cankersaur. As anyone who follows me is aware, I love to read and I believe reading is of utmost importance to our young people. I have books and I have grandchildren and I love to read with my grands. With that said, Mr Sandberg provided me with a PDF copy of his book in exchange for an honest review. He is author and illustrator of this fun little book . "Candy and the Cankersaur" is a picture book about a girl who receives a dinosaur as a gift and her determination to train him to be a good pet. It's a fun homage to Syd Hoff and will make all dinosaur-crazy boys and girls happy. First of all, let me say the art work is top notch! I can hardly wait to read this story to my two year old grand daughter and even the boys will enjoy it, although it's perhaps geared for a younger audience than them at this time. However, they still like to have fun and I think they'll get a kick out of it too! It's a short read at 32 pages, but it is fun. Candy tries to teach her cankersaur to be a good pet, but they both learn that sometimes, the rules you set, have to be broken in certain circumstances.

Wendy @ The Minding Spot
Candy's dad works a lot so he usually buys her unique toys. One day he brings home a dinosaur, Cankersaur, aptly nicknamed Cank by Candy. The two of them get along swimmingly and Candy's teaching Cank how to be a good pet and not to bite. Her neighbor, Chucky, though is quite jealous and devises a plan so that Candy will play with him. Candy and Chucky quickly make up though when Cank becomes missing. In fact, dear ole dad even gets involved on the hunt. Candy and the Cankersaur is a great story for youngsters! The illustrations are very vivid and would be perfect for preschoolers. For those learning to read, there is a line or two on each page in big enough print, that they should be able to sound out the words very easily. A fun and entertaining read sure to delight the little ones!

Zapkode Marie @ Just One More Chapter
This is a cute children�s book about a little girl that gets an unusual pet from her father. She goes about training it and then causing her neighbor to become jealous. Her neighbor then acts out of spite and ends up hurting Candy. If you�d like to know what happens you need to read the book.

Kelli @ I'd So Rather Be Reading
This was such a sweet book! I read it quickly (as it is a children's picture book) and when I finished, thought, "what's not to love?". Candy and the Cankersaur has great illustrations, a good storyline, and there is a perfect moral to the story. The author recommends it for the following age groups: as a bedtime story for ages 3-6, and as a read-alone picture book, ages 6-9. My review copy was a PDF, so I sat Kaitlyn (my 2-year old) in my lap to read the story to her. There were too many words for her to understand everything, so I shortened some of the story while reading it aloud, but she loved the illustrations and the story kept her interest (which is saying a lot, as she is usually resistant to new books at first). I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new picture book. Something about it made me feel nostalgic, maybe it's the illustrations, but I really enjoyed it and would definitely read Jason Sandberg again.

Tonja @ Bookworm for Kids
I was happy to review this book, since my youngest children love dinosaurs, and my son couldn't get his hands on enough of these books a couple of years ago. Of course, I didn't read it alone. The moment they saw the pictures, they hopped onto my lap (it was a full lap!) and wanted me to read it to them. The illustrations are bright and colorful. My daughter made me pause at each one, so she could take a closer look. We especially liked the Cankersaur. He wasn't overly sweet and cuddly but held a little bit of the 'vicious' dinosaur look without being scary. They especially found his biting problem funny. The story moves along quickly. Candy, a girl as sweet as her name, tends to always get what she wants, and when it's an exotic pet, her father is more than happy to fulfill the order. Of course, this doesn't come without consequences. At times, the wording felt a little forced, and I had to stop a couple times to explain the meaning of a word or two. Although it bothered me, my children enjoyed discussing the words and didn't seem to mind that it broke the story. There's a clear message in the story, and it's one that many children can identify with. My daughter was more than ready to offer her opinion to the characters' behavior and suggested ways they could have dealt with their problems better. In other words, she understood. Although I would have given this a one thumbs up, my children insisted it deserves two. Since they're the intended audience, I agreed to let them have their way.

Kathy @ I am a Reader
The summary of this book says it is a homage to Syd Hoff� It most definitely has a Danny and the Dinosaur feel to it. The illustrations were delightful and would be well received by preschool age children. The story focuses on jealousy and could be used to have a discussion with little kids about how we can appropriately respond when someone has something we want. Overall a cute story worth reading especially if illustrations make or break a picture book for you. They definitely �made� this book one I enjoyed.

Margie @ Ope's Opinions
This book really entertained me and my granddaughter who is almost four years old. The art work is fabulous! When we were done she asked to read it again. She wanted to know if there were more stories to read. Later in the day, she asked again if we could read that story on my computer! I think this was a hit!!!

Ann @ Ann's Reading Corner
"Candy and the Cankersaur" by Jason Sandberg, is a picture book about a girl who receives a dinosaur as a gift and her determination to train him to be a good pet. It's a fun and delightful story that will make all dinosaur-crazy boys and girls happy. This was also a sweet, and fun picture book to read with your children or grandchildren. I read this delightful book in about 10 or 15 minutes. The pictures that go along with the story are fantastic and makes the story so much more interesting. As the old saying goes: "A picture is better than a thousand words." I will be visiting my great-grandchildren in about two weeks and can't wait to share this book with them. I enjoyed it so much I awarded it 5 stars.

Karen @ Grab A Book From Our Stack
Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg is a children�s book about a little girl (Candy) who has a very rich father that enjoys giving her lots of things, including a pet dinosaur! The jealous neighbor boy does something very mean but admits to his crime and apologizes. I love stories with happy endings! The illustrations for this ebook are very cute and it shows the strong bond kids can have with their pets. This would be a good bed-time story for toddlers or any boy or girl who likes dinosaurs. Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. Happy Reading!

Harvee @ Book Dilettante
"This is a Cankersaurus Rex," her father said. My golfing buddy is a Paleontologist. I had it shipped to America from the Island that Time Forgot." I love that quote about the dinosaur from the Island that Time Forgot. I don't normally review children's books, but the author made a gentle suggestion about variety on my blog, and now I think I have been missing out by not including children's books before. This is a story of a young girl named Candy who gets an unusual gift from her busy dad - a dinosaur or a Cankersaurus Rex. She trains her dinosaur to be a good pet while her next door neighbor, a young boy, tries to get a dinosaur of his own to rival hers. The illustrations: Lively and cheerful colors in shades of yellow, green, red, and pink make this an eye catching picture book. I imagine children ages three or older would have loved hearing this imaginative story and looking at the lively illustrations. The book is not scary as Cankersaurus Rex is not at all frightening. For adults, the name Cankersaurus might be a strange pun, but young children would probably be delighted with the sounds of the word.

Shantal @ Booknerds Are Pretty Too
When we started reading this book my son was fascinated by the illustrations and as we read along I could see how much he was enjoying the adventures of Candy and Cank. He was paying attention to the book till the end and appeared very entertained with the story. I was pleased to see that this book addresses friendship and responsibility in a very understandable way for the kids, it also teaches parents to try and spend more time with their little ones. Overall a cute and quick read for the children.

Silvy @ Books Are My Life
Candy and the Cankersaur is a great story book for 3-6 age children. The whole story is likable and my 6 year old son enjoyed it a lot when I was reading to him. This book has awesome illustrations for every part of the story. This book is amazing!

Leah Ann @ MaMa's Book Corner
Candy's father is always very busy so he decides to buy her a pet to keep her company. The pet is a Cankersaurus Rex. The neighbor boy becomes extremely jealous of her and steals her pet dinosaur. Once he realizes how upset she is, they work together to get Cank back. This was a really cute story about friendship and jealousy. My 4 year old daughter really enjoyed it. She wishes she had a pet dinosaur but says it would have to be nice of course! Most kids love dinosaurs so I'm sure that his would be a hit with your little ones.

Vonnie @ Vonnie's Reading Corner
This was a cute children's book that was a quick read. It told a story about friendship, jealousy, and how materialism doesn't buy happiness. I liked how the story portrayed its themes. Candy was a rich girl who got everything she wanted but she was not spoiled. She only wanted her father's company but was rewarded instead with a pet to keep her company. Candy's neighbor Chucky was jealous of all the things Candy received and begged his parents to get better items in order to get Candy's attention. Chucky started off as being the bad guy but turned good towards the end when he realized the importance of friendship. The best thing about this book was its illustrations. They were very vibrant and cheerful. I greatly enjoyed the different lines that were used to portray the texture of the items. Also, the pictures did a wonderful job in aiding what was going on with the story, especially with the big words that younger children did not understand. The illustrations were my favorite. To get the full feel of this book, I shared it with two of my younger students that I tutor. One was a seven-year-old girl and the other was an eight-year-old boy. They tried to read the book by themselves but I did notice that they struggled with a few of the words. This did not stop them from enjoying it though. They really liked the idea of having a dinosaur as a pet and their favorite thing about the book was the illustrations. Both students gave the book a thumbs up.

Jenni @ Alluring Reads
The illustrations were a hit right off the bat, my kids were drawn to the images and very excited that we got to read about a dinosaur. We are introduced to Candy and see that she is a child with many possessions. Her father is a busy man and is always buying her the latest and greatest to keep her busy in the backyard while he works in the house. Candy�s neighbour, Chucky is always trying to best Candy with better toys and a friendly rivalry ensues. Things get pretty heated when Candy gets a dinosaur and Chucky realizes that he could never have one. Chucky�s jealousy gets the best of him and he does something terrible. Chucky, Candy and her father are brought together on a hunt to get the dinosaur back. This was a fun adventure that the kids definitely enjoyed, but I have to say that from a parent�s perspective I had hoped to get more out of it. Early on in the novel we see that Candy�s father neglects her and tries to keep her happy with material things. There was definitely a missed opportunity to mend the relationship and send out a good moral along with the cutesy story. This is of course entirely my personal preference. I always like when I can talk about the meaning behind the story upon finishing with my kids. I didn�t like the way the relationship was conveyed and the importance that was put on material posessions. Also, Chucky does something really bad in the story and doesn�t suffer any consequences for his actions, which doesn�t seem right to me either. If you are looking for a cutesy story to pass the time with your little ones this could definitely be one for you to look into. But if you are looking for something that your kids can learn from, I�d say give this one a pass.

Miri @ I Solemly Swear that I am Up to a Book
This lovely, short picture book is approved as a bedtime story for children from ages three to six and as a read-alone for children ages six to nine. It tells the story of Candy, a girl who gets unique presents from her father as he hasn't got enough time to play with her. Her only companion is her neighbour Chucky, who likes competing with Candy about who of them has the better and cooler toy. As Candy's father buys his daughter a dinosaur, a Cankersaurus Rex, Chucky tries everything to get a dinosaur as well. But this doesn't work out, so he tries to get rid of the animal who has just become friends with Candy. Only when Chucky sells Cank, the dinosaur, to a circus and sees Candy cry about is, he realises what he has done wrong and the journey to get Cank back begins. What impresses me about this picture book a lot is the way in which the dinosaur is introduced to the story very naturally. It shows the point of view of children on fantastical things and beings very well, especially when most of the grown ups don't seem to believe that Cank, in fact, is a dinosaur. It's lovely to see this part of the book and I'm sure no matter if children listen to or read this story themselves, that they are going to enjoy the funny and friendly dinosaur a lot. It's a fast read, so it can definitely be read as a whole before going to bed.

Serenity @ Serenity's Lovely Reads
Okay so I got this book as a request from the Author. Now at first I didn't have an idea if I'd like it. First I'd outgrown these books, and second I'm not one for pictures in my books. I do like to imagine my own pictures as I read. Any who, I read this book and found it to be really cute and fun, after all it is for children. Candy is this cute and sweet little girl who lives in a mansion. Her father is always busy, her neighbor always tries to one up her, and she loves to share her toys with the other kids. Though, having all this, doesn't make up for not having someone to play with her at home. So how is this fixed? She gets her own DINOSAUR! She told him how to play games and have some fun. She was loving her pet, but she wasn't the only one. Her neighbor wanted one, but couldn't. So if he couldn't have one, then Candy couldn't too. Don't worry, Candy got her friend back and they all enjoyed some cupcakes! Yes, the Dino has a sweet tooth (: This was a cute story. If I was a kid, I'd definitely read it again and again. I'll go ahead a give this book 5 kid stars.

Nicole @ Reading By Moonlight
I have heard mixed (but mostly good) things about this book and while I normally don't review children's books I was really intrigued by this one based off of the aforementioned mixed comments. So when I received the opportunity to read and review this particular story by the author, I decided to give it a shot. So thank you to Mr. Jason Sandberg for the copy I received and for getting in touch with me; I was pleasantly surprised. To start off, the illustrations are wonderful. Everyone seems to agree on that point at least and I will not be the first one to sway from that response. The pictures were fun, creative, and alluring. They were detailed and entertaining but more importantly they seem to me to be easily relatable for kids; as if it's something they would have wanted to have created themselves (I know I would have when I was younger). If there's one thing that's going to get a child involved in a story, it's probably going to be the pictures. Pictures give the first impression and initially draw in the potential readers so as far as this book is concerned, it is good to go! Also, the title is a pretty interesting pun for adults at least... I don't think the children will get it but that will be a fun surprise for when they are older ;) Now for where the previous mixed thoughts have generally come in... This book addresses several issues or lessons for children to learn (there's also a couple for adults as well). There is a lesson about sharing from Candy, a lesson about being nice and honest with others from Chucky, a lesson about spending time with family from the Father, a lesson about giving others a chance from the other adult figures, a lesson about apologizing for things from Chucky, and finally a lesson about being non-materialistic in a materialistic world from Candy. Some of these lessons are portrayed better than others, but I think that that's where the adult needs to step in and explain things. For example, Chucky never has any apparent consequences for his bad behavior. This may seem as though he's getting away with it, but what the adult can teach is that he probably gets in trouble with his Mother when he gets home. Even better, it's more important that he realizes that what he has done is wrong all on his own; which he does. He realizes that he was wrong to take Candy's dinosaur. He also realizes that he was only desiring attention from Candy but went about getting it in the wrong way (all of which he explains to the reader). Then he apologizes to Candy, explains what he did to her father (which was pretty brave of him I think), and helps them to get the dinosaur back, thus redeeming himself. I would rather my child (not that I have any yet...) figure out what he/she did wrong on their own rather than me having to tell them. So while the consequences may not be overtly apparent, they are there along with the lessons. The adult can always explain or ask questions to make sure that the points get across, too. However, for the sake of the children who will be reading this on their own, I am concerned as to whether or not they will truly grasp all of the lessons and so that is my only problem with this story. There were ways to make all of the lessons very evident but some of them were harder to find... which makes the reader think and that's good, but for children, sometimes it needs to be pretty blatant. As I said before though, with an adult present this isn't an issue and honestly, I imagine most kids can figure these lessons out on their own anyway. It's only those few kids who tend to solely see the mischief in things that I'm worried about. Overall, I was expecting for this book to be so-so but it turned out to be really good in my opinion! I would read this to my children if I had any. I recommend it completely :)

Gina @ Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers
First off...confession time. I admit it. When I first saw the cover, I was definitely enchanted, but the title despite the illustrations that accompanied it, had me thinking this one was going to be a lesson on dental health for children. Oh come on, think about it! Her name is "Candy" and there's a "Canker"-saurus....see what I mean? Upon reading it, I had to borrow a line from the movie Wizard of Oz....Bust my buttons! It wasn't about dental hygiene at all but rather a fun and touching story about just what children really need....attention, not things. Candy is a sweet girl (hehe) who has everything her little heart desires, except time with her uber busy father. He sees her need but alas, instead of giving more of his own time, gets her a friend to play with....namely a Cankersaurus Rex. Wait a second...I thought dinosaurs were extinct? Yeah, you and me and everyone else in the story BOTH and yet here it is in all his toothy grin, and green skinned glory. The neighbor boy Chucky will have none of it, it being her having fun and showing him up and so demands a pet of his own. Request denied, he sets out to do something one step more devilish, unleashing a chain of events that will have everyone growing by story's end...including readers. Aside from the quirky three part (or more) names given to the characters and the morality of the story, the illustrations are what will really capture your attention. Candy and her happy or sad faces, Chucky with his I'm-better-than-you glances and of course our Cankersaurus Rex baring his teeth in a toothy grin while trying to learn the first rule....no biting. *-* With teeth like that, DEFINITELY a good first rule to have. Little ones will easily follow the colorful pages as the story progresses while those readers that are a little bit older will appreciate the various textures used throughout each spread. You can see the roughness of the brick wall that separates the neighbors houses, the crispness of the butlers uniform and even the scaly nature of her new friend's form. All in all, a fun read from ecover to ecover and one I'm certain will be embraced by readers of all ages for many years to come. After all, it's not often you get to combine all the elements already mentioned with a (non extinct) dinosaur, a little girl as sweet as Candy, a boy as devilish (yet charming) as Chucky and a lesson in right and wrong that doesn't feel like a lesson at all yet still gets the point delivered crystal clear. So come on in and join the fun! You're in for a DINO-mite time if I do say so myself...and I think Candy would DEFINITELY agree.

Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook
I read this with my children who are aged 3 and 8 and both of them enjoyed this book equally. This story made my children laugh and they loved the illustrations. They have asked me to read it over and over again already. Candy and the Cankersaur is a hit in our house! This book contains bright colourful illustrations which grab your attention, and tells a delightful story that includes some life lessons about responsibility. Candy and the Cankersaur is appropriate for children ages 3-6 as a bedtime story picture book, and children ages 6-9 as a read-alone picture book. If your kids love dinosaurs then Candy and the Cankersaur might just end up their favourite. Enjoy!

Kero @ Kero's Book Blog
Candy and the Cankersaur is a short and sweet children's story. The colorful, lively illustrations in the book are appealing for children. This book is well-suited as a picture book for children aged 3-9 years. I haven't read a children's fiction for a long time, and this book fascinated me. I taught in Kindergarten for a brief period and I remember that stories with the mention of dragons and dinosaurs always fascinated children. Children are full imagination. In the story, Candy is not frightened by the Rex, instead she's determined to train her new pet. Chucky's getting jealous of Candy's toys is only natural. We are all like that in childhood. Finally, this book has a lesson for children and adults."

Aik @ The Bookaholics
"Candy and the Cankersaur is a lovely children's book. It has a lot of beautifully-drawn pictures which will surely attract kids' attention and a storyline that is cute and exciting. It will also teach kids the value of friendship and the happiness that comes with it. Some kids might not be familiar with the 'big' words in the book, so I would recommend parents to go through with their children to guarantee a better understanding of the story. Candy and the Cankersaur will be a great bedtime story for kids too."

Natasha @ Dreamland
"Before I start off with my review, I just wanted to extend my thanks to author Jason Sandberg for approaching me in the first place. I never reviewed any children's books before and I just thought, why not? Since being adventurous to me meant trying out new genres, I thought of giving it a shot! It was definitely different, but entertaining nonetheless! Putting myself in the shoes of a young girl, Candy was refreshing and nostalgic! It reminded me of my younger days where all I have to worry about is how to face the bully in my school, much like Candy who has to face her jealous and competitive neighbor. Quote " I'm a Fine Artist who also wants to produce the "missing books" from my childhood, the books I wished I'd had", well said there Mr. Sandberg, there's just something about Candy and her Cankersaur that brought me back in time. I thought the moral lesson was well delivered in the story, definitely recommended for parents who are looking for a good bedtime story and to the kids who has great imagination!"

Andrea @ Bookworm Tells All
"I don't usally do childrens books on this blog but Jason reached out to me to review his childrens book Candy and the Cankersaur. The art work is beautiful and is an homage to Syd Hoff, you can see the inspiration Syd gave to the pictures. My son loved looking at the Dinosaurs and pretty pictures. He was a little bit small to grasp the meaning of the story. Some of the wording in the writing was geared more toward a little bit older crowd than I'm currently used to but it was a cute story about friendship and learning to be happy for friends who have things you may not. If you're looking for a fun picture book with dinosaurs for your kids on your ebook device go ahead and check this one out."

Brenna @ Two-Tall-Tales
"Candy and The Cankersaur was a cute short story perfect for story time or even night time reading for the kiddos. I read this one with my youngest who is two. Although the recommend age for this book is three and up, my two year old loved the pictures and was constantly asking what was in all the pictures. I did think this story to be a bit long/ hard for kids three and under to pay attention to. I believe the pictures were still cute and captivate a three year old and younger booklings audience. I however don't have any children over four but I can see older children enjoying this read. I would recommend this book to parents who want a quick, fun, cute read for their little ones."

Stephanie @ Cover 2 Cover
"Candy and the Cankersaur is an adorable book about a girl whose father works a lot and to keep her company gives her a dinosaur to play with. The pictures are vibrant and bright and the story is applicable to ages 3-9. The story begins by telling us about Candy and her father, then the arrival of her dinosaur and her attempts at training him. Candy is a courageous little girl, playing with a dinosaur and trying to teach him not to bite. Which I feel is an important lesson for many children in this age group. There are times when biting is unacceptable and only in extreme circumstances may it be allowed. The book was short and simple and the author explains that it can be a picture book or a read-alone book for the age group. I enjoyed the story and believe young children will enjoy it as well. It speaks to their imagination with the possibility of owning a dinosaur but also to moral standards and understanding people and situations. It was a very interesting book."

Esther @ Reader's Dialogue
"This is a really smart, funny book. There are many little details that made me laugh and which will make kids laugh - like the way Chucky tries to get rid of Cank but runs up against adult pragmatic views that dinosaurs don't exist, to the point that a policeman staring Cank in the face calls him a large salamander! Kids will enjoy the way Candy tries to train Cank, with her First Rule of no biting eventually playing an important role in the rescue story. Another laugh-worthy moment is when Cank fetches a stick and then eats a tree because he likes the taste of wood. Sprinkled throughout a story that does get serious, these light moments strike the perfect balance and create a nuanced journey for kids. The main journey is of course the lesson about relationships. Chucky learns the right way to make friends, and Candy's father pays more attention to his daughter. Though these two lessons are learned by characters other than the main character, the lessons come through strong and clear. They are introduced somewhat baldly at the beginning of the story, when each character's flawed mode of relationships is stated outright, and when Chucky realizes his mistake. Despite this, the rest of the story uses subtlety to show the development of the characters. The illustrations are amazing, cartoonish and colorful, sure to draw children's attention and elicit conversation either as they read or as the book is read to them. Some words may be a bit difficult for younger children, but the style of the book makes it easier for kids to figure out the meanings. This book is meant as an homage to Syd Hoff, author of Danny and the Dinosaur, one of my favorite childhood books. Candy and the Cankersaur has the same light tone, though with a more serious lesson, and is sure to be a favorite too!"

Jenna @ Little Bird Reads
"I adored this book! It was quite cute and fun to read. Candy is a sweet little character that hints at having a Daddy that works just too much. Soon, Cank enters her life and she has fun teaching new tricks to her dino pal. Too bad her neighbor, Chucky, isn't kind and sabotages Candy and Cank's happiness! Sandberg did a good job developing Candy and Chucky in a short amount of time. He laid the foundation for trouble right away. He also planted the seeds to discuss busy parents by introducing Candy's dad. The moral of the story is excellent and something SO incredibly necessary for kids these days. Chucky is always competing and can't ever be happy for Candy. The theme of jealousy and comparing yourself to others is quickly and soundly developed. I think it would behoove many parents to read this with their kids and discuss those themes... it touches on the materialistic view of society. I definitely recommend this one!"

Maddie @ Little Bird Reads
"I loved it! The pictures were really cool and I liked the dinosaur. It makes me want to get a dinosaur. My favorite part was when Candy got Cank and played games with him. If I had a dinosaur I would play games and feed it, but I would take out its teeth first so they were sharp and cutting things like Candy's. Did you notice the cartoon that Chucky watched? It was like Curious George, but not Curious George. I don't like Chucky very much because he is mean to Candy and steals her pet. It was good they made up. I think that all kids would like this, mostly girls. Probably kids who are like my age, 7... so maybe 5 to 9? It was good."

Candace @ Candace's Book Blog
"When I first started reading this my kids got all excited because my name is Candace too, and when I was a child I was also called Candy! So apparently that's exciting stuff. Once they got calmed down and paid attention to the story they got excited because they've been asking for a dinosaur too! My daughter obviously knows they are extinct, but my son is still convinced they are still alive. As a matter of fact he's pretty determined that avocado's are dinosaur eggs. (And I eat them all the time...) But this Candy in the book gets one as a pet but her neighbor gets jealous and wants her to play with him so he gets rid of it but then they all make up and go find it together. The book was fun for me to read and the kids seemed interested the whole time. They are fascinated with anything dinosaur, so they loved that aspect. The illustrations are adorable and reminded me of books I read as a kid. I couldn't remember which books but they just have a familiar quality to them. It was definitely an entertaining read and I'd be interested in reading anything else Jason Sandberg writes for kids."

Chrissie @ Once Upon a Series
"As this is only a short picture book, then this is going to be quite a short review too. The pictures in this book are colourful and eye-catching and both of my little ones enjoyed looking at them and talking about them. The storyline is fun and both the boys and I enjoyed it. The only thing that I would say is that the author pitched this book to me as being for children aged 3-6 as a book to be shared with parents, or for children aged 6-9 as a read-alone. However, I found some of the words and sentence structures to be a little too complex for my youngest, who is only three. I realise that all children develop differently and that he is on the younger end of the age range, but I still felt that some of the wording could have been put a little more simply. However, my eldest, who is six, didn't have any trouble understanding it at all. My youngest did enjoy talking about the pictures though, and made me go through it another two times with him straight after the first reading, so he definitely enjoyed it too."

Glenda @ Evolving English Teacher
"As children my boys loved dinosaurs, so I decorated their room using dinosaur wallpaper, baked and decorated dinosaur cakes for their birthdays, read dinosaur-themed books nightly, and played dinosaur games with them. Although dinosaurs ceased to roam the earth long ago, they still romp through the imaginations of children, whose natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn know no such extinction. It's in this vein that graphic artist and author Jason Sandberg introduces Candy and the Cankersaur, a visually stunning ebook sure to appeal to the dinosaur-lover in most children and in many parents and teachers, too. Candy and the Cankersaur uses stunning images to narrate the story of Candy, a child who from all appearances leads a privileged life. Simply, she has every material object money can buy, but what money can't buy is what Candy wants most: time with her busy father. To "solve" his and Candy's problem, Candy's father decides she needs an exotic pet, one no other child has. That's how Candy and Cank get together. As with any good story, there's a conflict. In Candy and the Cankersaur, jealousy rears it's ugly green head, and something must be done when another child's covetousness threaten Candy's and Cank's bond. Teachers will want to mine Candy and the Cankersaur for its clever alliteration, such as "Buster the Beast Bester." That's quite a tongue twister, making the book a good read-aloud for my speech students. Additionally, I like the abundance of dialogue and voices Sandberg uses. This, too, is something I look for in read-alouds, particularly those my students use in our children's story-telling unit. As more classrooms and students acquire iPads, the demand for high-quality ebooks will grow. Finding high-quality stories that reinforce the virtues of kindness and friendship while appealing to children's love of exotic animals reinforces the benefits of moving from print to pad. Finally, a colorful book like Candy and the Cankersaur will allow me to move an old lesson-plan into the twenty-first century. I like having students write their own stories for wordless picture books. This is something I first did with Tuesday by David Wiesner, which is now available as an ebook. Unfortunately, having only one copy of the book presented many limitations to the assignment, so I abandoned it long ago. In contrast, an ebook gives me the opportunity to resurrect that extinct assignment using the Kindle Cloud Reader. And although CatC isn't a wordless book, I can adapt the assignment by projecting only the pictures and having students write their own version of the story. Then we can compare their rewrites to the original. Looks as though that old dinosaur of an assignment isn't extinct after all, thanks to Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg!"

Jessica @ I Read to Relax
"When Candy has a rough time dealing with a neighbor who teases her and a busy father who can't always play with her, Candy gets a crazy pet as a gift from her father. A thought to be extinct dinosaur! Candy trains him to be a great pet and things are going well until her neighbor gets jealous and sells him to the circus. When he sees how upset Candy gets, the little boy confesses and Candy, her father, and he set off to rescue "Cank." Everything works out happily in the end and Candy even becomes friends with the neighbor boy. This was a quick and sweet little read that looked great on my brand-new tablet. The colors are bright and cheerful, and of course, there's a cool dinosaur pet! While the story is a little too lengthy for a regular story time book at a library program, this would be a cute book to read one on one with a child, at home or babysitting, etc. Since it features a very cute dinosaur, I think both boys and girls would happily settle in to read this book. Done in a style similar to Syd Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur, the illustrations are a little old fashioned, but are charming nonetheless. Right now, this book is only available as an ebook, but as I said, it looks great on any kind of ereader or tablet that does color pictures."

Susan @ The Book Bag
I loved reading Syd Hoff's book Danny and the Dinosaur to my kids when they were little. Jason Sandberg's book is a nice tribute to that book and that author. The story is about a little girl who get a cankersaur from her father, who wants her to have the best toys, while he keeps himself busy with work. The neighbor boy gets jealous of her new dinosaur and tries to take it away from her. Candy and the Cankersaur kept the interest of my grandchildren, as I read it to them. What kid doesn't just love dinosaurs? And we all enjoyed the illustrations; the drawings and colors are very eye-catching. I look forward to seeing more of Jason's work.

Kristen @ One Chapter Ahead
This is the first children's book I've ever reviewed, so I'm excited to get started! To begin, I need to tell everyone how amaaaaaaaaaaaazing the pictures were! All the illustrations went perfectly with the story, and were sequenced wonderfully. The drawings were far from sketches, but didn't border on being creepily realistic. We all know a book or two with drawings almost too perfect. The story in itself was something I've not heard. It wasn't a retelling, and I can't think of any child's book that reminds me of this. Which is perfect. I absolutely love when that happens! The story is short and straight forward, and would definitely keep a kid's interest. I mean, it did keep mine! There are some words that are a little too advanced for a book a child would read to themselves (i.e. Paleontologist), so I definitely think this is a bedtime story that a parent or babysitter would read. I may or may not have loaded this onto my kobo for an awesome bedtime story for the kids I babysit. Anyways, I really liked Candy. I liked how the author portrayed her frienemy Chucky. I think that they're relationship (or lack thereof) was in tune with how kids act and how they see the opposite gender. I really liked how Candy interacted with Cank as though he was a normal pet. Hello, you have a dinosaur! I think the lesson in this book is obvious, and I liked how it wasn't the typical "listen to your parents" or "friends will always treat you right" bullhockey. I liked that it ended with "sometimes you've just gotta break the rules", even rules you've been taught since you were a baby. I'm a sucker for any kid story with a pet, even dinosaurs. This is definitely a cute read, and you should keep it on your radar! I bet you it'll be big.

Wanda @ Tattle Tale
This is a fun story for children between the ages of 3 and 9. Since I adore all children stories I called in the help of a professional. A friend and the mother of an 8 year old and asked her to tell me why this would or would not work. Her reply; her daughter would love it. She would be able to read along and by herself at the age of 8. The pictures is colorful enough to keep her attention and here is something I never thought of -- her daughter loves a picture book that she reads by herself to have a picture on every page and not scattered now and then throughout the book. So between the two of us we decided that this is a 5 * read and we both agree on another thing, as children we would have loved this book ourselves. We also noticed one more thing. Candy says at one stage she is so sad she thinks she is going to cry. If it were us, we would not think on it, we would have been bawling already. Lol. A fun read. One I think your children will love

Adriana @ She's Got Books on Her Mind
Candy is a good little girl who loves her dad very much. But she's not able to play with him as much as she wants because of his busy schedule. Feeling like his daughter can use some more fun Mister Wellington decides one day that Candy needs a companion. What's the best companion he could come up with? A dinosaur. If I was a little girl and my dad gave me a dinosaur I don't know if I would be terrified or excited. I mean it's a dinosaur! I could see kids enjoying this story about a pet dinosaur because as a kid it would frankly be really cool to have a dinosaur. I would so brag to everyone especially my brothers if I had one. Candy seems to have better sense than me in that she's not worried about what everyone else thinks not even her neighbor who always wants to top whatever toy she has. No, she starts training her dinosaur to be good and learn the basic rule of no biting because we would all be in trouble if it started biting everyone. The illustrations are alright for me. They are very cartoonish and I think it would appeal more to kids than me and rightly so. I really liked the different references and that this book was a homage to Syd Hoff, author of Danny and the Dinosaur. I wish that it didn't wrap up too easily. It was nice that the neighbor saw what he had done was wrong but his explanation for why he did that wrong thing was kind of silly. Overall: This was a nice little children's book that will have kids wanting their own pet dinosaur.

Auggie @ Auggie Talk
This was such a sweet little book filled with quirky fun that any kid would go gaga over! Candy gets a rare and thought to be extinct Cankersaur! Her nextdoor neighbor and playmate is jealous! He's always trying to outshine Candy, to have BIGGER and BETTER things. So he STEALS the Cankersaur and sells him to a Circus! My my! This is an adorable story of what it really means to be friends. Your kids will learn that envy can be damaging, that friendships are about sharing and love, and that problems can be fixed if everyone works together. The art is appealing and the writing style engaging. Your kiddos will like to be read this tiny little book of fun or to eventually read it on their own. This book is wonderful for children ages 0 (or whenever you start reading to them) to 8. I absolutely give it a 5 out of 5!

Darlyn @ Darlyn and Books
Personally, I think the book is awesome. However, I actually asked one of my little cousin to read and give his opinion. He said, even though Candy has a cool Dinosour, he thought it would be great if a boy has it instead of a girl. He claimed he would be a better friend to his Dinosour. LOL. I really thought that was funny for him to actually be jealous of Candy! That being said, have to agree that having a dinosour as a pet is like every little kid's wish, me no excluded. The book is fun, fresh, creative and very easily feel connected to the story. I would be delighted to recommend to my friends and mommy friends to read to their loved ones as a nice bedtime story.

Ricki @ The Rogue Baby
The book we got to read was "Candy and the Cankersaur" by Jason Sandberg. My daughter made me read it through *twice* before bed. The story is great for reading to a pre-reader and easy enough for younger readers to get through with help. What I appreciated most about the story was there are good values and lessons in the story. Not in a cheesy way, but disguised in to the story. I won't post any spoilers, but I can appreciate when a character realizes the cause and effect of their actions, especially in children's literature! I only have a daughter -- and I think she loved that the lead character was a girl who has a pet dinosaur, but I think boys and girls alike would love this tale. Recommended age 3-9. I would happily recommend this book to friends, family, and readers with children in this age range. When I asked my daughter her favorite part, it was simple. "The pictures Mama!" I must add the illustrations are fun!

Bluerose @ Bluerose's Heart
You have to smile a little bit at the title! ;) Candy is a young girl who doesn't get the attention she needs from her busy father. Instead of giving his time to her, he gives *things* to her, and attempts to buy her love. His latest gift is a rare Cankersaurus Rex that needs a bit of training. When Candy's neighbor, Chucky, gets jealous, he causes some problems for all of them. Although I make sure there's always a healthy supply of "real" books around our home, I like to occasionally add books to my kindle for the boys to enjoy. It certainly makes things much easier for those out of town trips! Candy and the Cankersaur is one of the latest editions we've added to our electronic library, and it's made quite an impression on my boys, especially Grasshopper(4). Most days he asks for me to read the "dinosaur book" to him. My favorite part of this book was the pictures. They have an old fashioned feel to them. It reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons way back in my childhood days. I like all the lessons that are added in, too. While there's quite a few that can be taken away, I especially like the lesson in biting. We teach our kids not to bite. It's a constant struggle these days with Firefly(2). He gets disciplined every time he does it, with a strong lesson not to do it again. Too often in that lesson, we fail to mention that there are rare circumstances that biting IS okay. I've failed to teach them that if a stranger tries to hurt them or take them somewhere, BITE! Kick and scream! There just aren't many books out there that teach(and remind us as parents) to teach those kinds of lessons, and I appreciate that this book fills that much needed slot in the world of books. If you're looking for a book that encourages discussion with your young children, this is a perfect choice! We've enjoyed it!

Lauren @ Shooting Stars Mag
Candy and the Cankersaur is an adorable picture book written and illustrated by Jason Sandberg. The illustrations throughout are like the cover above, so you get cartoon-ish (in a good way) drawings full of color and whimsy. The overall story is about a girl named Candy whose father gives her many unique gifts in order to spend all his time working. The next door neighbor, Chucky, is jealous of Candy and makes his parents buy him larger versions of the gifts Candy gets. However, when Candy is gifted an actual dinosaur, named Cank, Chucky must come up with a new plan to beat Candy. There are various messages in this book if you're looking for that, though nothing is stated outright. There are no big "lessons learned" portion of the novel. It simply ends in a happy manner for all. However, if you want to find some lessons or message to talk about with your children, you could. There is the aspect of Chucky's jealousy and the right way to go about making friends. On a bigger scale, you could discuss Candy's father and how he gives her gifts instead of spending time with his daughter. Each page in this book has a large, colored picture and the narrative of the story is below. I liked this, especially for a younger reader or for reading aloud, because there is plenty of illustrations to keep their attention. I think a lot of kids would enjoy this one because it has adventure, some humor, and a loveable dinosaur that most kids would want as a pet by the end of this novel!

Hollie @ Music Books & Tea
I have two young nieces, and I can quite confidently say that they would both love to read this book. The pictures are beautifully drawn, and are really colourful and eye-catching, and really complement the story well. I love the idea of Sandberg re-creating the �missing� books of his childhood � this is certainly a book that I know I would have loved when I was younger. The story itself was a delight to read, and certainly brought a smile to my face. It was great fun to watch Candy try and teach Cank the important rule of �no biting�, until he does actually need to use his teeth to get himself out of a sticky situation! The characters were realistic as well � how often do kids feel their parents work too much? I know I used to think so! And I�m pretty sure everyone knows, or knew, a Chucky from their childhood. In fact, quite a few spring into my mind! Candy and the Cankersaur was a totally sweet picture book that I would highly recommend to children between 3 and 9. With the fun storyline and beautiful illustrations, it�s sure to be a hit for both parents and children alike!

Erinn @ 3 Sons Have I
Candy gets a Dinosaur as a gift and her determination to rain him as a pet. He is given one very First Rule that he is punished for breaking a few times. The her jealous neighbor does something so sad to Candy and her 'Cank' is forced to break the first rule. Because he does this, the story is able to end happily! This is a great story for ages 3-9. The 6-9 year old can read this independently very well. Jason Sandberg does a great job creating fairytale-like stories that open the imagination and are just as enjoyable for parents to read as for the children.

Valerie @ Valerie's Reviews
I'm really excited to be introducing you to Jason Sandberg's debut ebook, "Candy and The Cankersaur". This was a fun easy read for bedtime and would be a great read alone picture book for the early reading age. Jason took a fun spin on "Danny and The Dinosaur" by Syd Hoff and my girls loved it! Both girls said they would give it 5 stars. Ebooks are perfect for on the go families. They are great for running errands, doctors visits, etc.

Gina @ Book Dragon's Lair
Fun and colorful, playful with a message. I really liked Candy, didn't like the neighbor boy, Chucky (he's not nice but really, Chucky?), wanted to slap the Dad upside the head. This is a children's book so I am happy to report there was a happy ending. Candy's dad travels all over the world and always brings home a new toy for her but when she wants to play with her Dad he sends her outside. Chucky pesters his parents for a larger and cooler version of the same toy. "Mister Wellington loved his daughter very much, but he�d forgotten that having fun was more important than having things. He decided Candy needed an amazing, spectacular and fantastic pet for companionship." Chucky is so jealous of Candy's new pet he sells it to the circus only to realize he just wants her attention. He didn't want to hurt her. I liked watching Candy train her Cankersaur to be a good pet. I like the lesson her dad and Chucky both learned.

Brandee @ Bookworm Brandee
I've never reviewed a children's picture book on my blog before. I don't know why - it's not like I don't read them. ;) But shhh, don't tell my kids. LOL I chose to review this one because it's an homage to Syd Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur which is a book I enjoyed reading with my son. Candy and the Cankersaur is such a sweet read. It's perfect for young children as the illustrations are wonderful. And it's a great read-a-loud with children a bit older as it offers some important lessons. Candy is a young girl who has everything a little girl could want. And yet, she really wants time with her dad. Instead, her dad gives her a dinosaur. Cankersaurus Rex, or Cank, was quite a surprise. Candy then sets out to teach Cank how to be the best pet. Chucky, Candy's neighbor, is so envious of Candy's new pet. He's so envious that he behaves in a very unfriendly way. Sandberg does a great job developing Candy's and Chucky's characters in a short amount of time. And Cank, the dinosaur, is so darn cute in his lessons in becoming the best pet. Sandberg's illustrations are wonderful and definitely reminiscent of Hoff's books. With lessons on what makes a good friend, and that 'things' aren't what's most important, Candy and the Cankersaur is a really fun book.

Cherese @ Cherese Vines Charming Words
For those who enjoyed Danny and the Dinosaur stories, this cute little picture book is for you. Candy's father works all the time, but he can still see that his little girl is sad. So what does he do? He buys her a Cankersaurus Rex for a pet. Candy tries her best to teach her baby dinosaur how to play properly. Cank has some learning to do in this funny little story. The pictures are simple and colorful. Cank's expression is too funny. My 7 year old was able to read it alone and she enjoyed the pictures. I recommend this picture book for a fun read with a few good lessons mixed in.

Aiysha @ Mortal Moments
Candy and the Cankersaur was a quick, fun children�s book to read. As an older teenager, I can�t say much but I�m sure I would�ve loved it when I was younger. It�s very engaging and I�d say more aimed at young girls. The writing was quite easy to read and I did find one or two words that would be quite unfamiliar to the young readers but other than that it was easy to follow. The pictures and illustrations were really colourful and artistic with good links to the text. Candy was a loveable and relatable character and I�m sure if there were a series of these books starring Candy, the kids would come to love her. Good introduction, middle and end with story flowing at a perfect pace and would be easy to understand for younger kids. To be more specific with audience I think it�s aimed for children from 3-6 years old as I think those older than that would find a bit too simple and the pictures wouldn�t be as appealing to them. A lovely bedtime read for the little toddlers written with humour, excitement, entertaining pictures and a good moral.

Melissa @ Adventures of Frugal Mom
I loved this book for so many reason, first because it taught so many lessons. As a classroom teacher, I could see using this book to teach about greed, friendship, the importance of family, and that are consequences to your actions. Candy is a rich girl who has everything anyone could ask for except for the attention if her dad. Chucky, Candy�s next door neighbor, is however jealous of everything that Candy has in her life. So to me that is a lesson in itself that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It is only when Chucky realizes how Candy feels that he begins to not envy her but want to become friends with her. What a wonderful way to teach children that it does not matter what you have but it does matter who you share it with. Having people to share things with makes life a lot more fun.

Laura @ The Examiner
'Candy and the Cankersaur' by children's book author Jason Sandberg is the tale of a girl named Candy who gets the best present ever: a Cankersaurous Rex. Training her new pet proves to be a bit of a challenge. Can Candy teach a dinosaur how to behave? Candy and her friend's rich parents don't have a lot of time to spend with them, so they buy the kids toys instead. 'Candy and the Cankersaur' is a tale of childhood imagination, play and fun with a new pet. As hard as training her Cankersaurous Rex can be, Candy has a lot more fun and is a lot less lonely once she has the dinosaur. Despite the fact that her pet is a dinosaur, any child who has had a pet like a dog or cat could easily relate to and enjoy this story. The book is described as a "playful homage to Syd Hoff" and is suited for independent readers aged 6-9. As a bedtime story, it would be very fun for younger readers aged 3-6. Some of the words and sentences are fairly challenging, and as a learning tool it would be a good book for a parent and child to sit down and read together. Though the book is fun, it also opens the door for kids and parents to talk about issues like being jealous of your friends' toys or feeling like Mom or Dad don't spend enough time with you. It also provides opportunities for children to learn new words. For instance, it uses teaching moments where two or more adjectives that mean the same thing are strung together, such as, "an amazing, fantastic, and spectacular pet" (page 7). The art and illustrations are charming and engaging as well. 'Candy and the Cankersaur' is a sweet story that kids will enjoy and learn from.

Bonita @ Peace Love Vote Books
This is a story about a girl, her dinosaur, and the jealous neighbor. Candy is a girl with a businessman for a father who likes her to play outside while he does business. The Jealous Neighbor is a little boy named Chucky who likes to have whatever Candy has but better. Candy's father decided that she needed a pet to keep her company. He bought her a dinosaur, which Chucky got very jealous of and decided to steal. I can't reveal the end. But it is a very cute book which I would highly recommend. It has a cute plot, wonderful graphics, and reveals that all humans, even Jealous Neighbors, have feelings. Businessman fathers can actually be there for their daughters. And let's not forget that Dinosaurs might not be extinct! It is a good bedtime story and also is really good for morals.

Lynda @ Between the Pages
This was a cute story about a girl and her new pet dinosaur. What I liked most about reading this with my daughter is that the story expands to teach some valuable lessons. The illustrations were excellent and really helped to capture the attention of any young audience. The volume of words on each page helped my daughter to stay focused on the story and, as a parent, I really appreciate that. This isn�t your typical children�s book. It has a lot of very creative and imaginative elements to it. This would be a fun read to keep in your library.

Beverly @ The L Family Blog
A fun & entertaining read. Emma & I snuggled in on the couch the next morning & I read it to her. By the second or third time the line..."the first rule no biting" came up Emma was saying it right along with me. She then proceeded to read it again two plus times later that afternoon! Its a hit. -Wanna know what the book is all about? You know besides how preciously cute that front cover is? Well here it goes. A daddy who is overworked buys his little girl Candy everything a girl could possibly want. But she has a neighbor who is very competitive. {Sound familiar? "My room is bigger than your room! "My bike has pink on it!" All kids do it!} And he always try's to out due her. Candy's dad thinks he knows what she needs, a companion. Perhaps a pet? - yes - a dinosaur! The competitive neighbor can't compete with that. He steals & sells that dino off to the circus! Once he realizes how sad Candy is they set off to find Cank, the dino together. Seems all he wanted was to get Candy's attention. It worked. In the end Candy finds herself with more than one companion. The pictures are crazy cute. The wording is easy enough that my 6 year old was able to read alone. Perfect. We recommend that you check out Jason Sandberg's website. He has written a few kids books we will be sure to check out.

Heather @ Mommy Only Has 2 Hands
Story time is a very important part of our nightly routine with our kids. Both my husband and I take turns reading to the kids at night before bed and we are always looking to find new reads for the kids. The kids love reading books on the ipad, so we frequently trade in traditional books for a bit of technology. I got a chance to review Jason Sandberg's iBook "Candy And The Cankersaur". It was a cute read about a little girl who has everything she wants, but what she wants most of all is her father's attention or just a companion. Her well meaning father tries to come up with a solution but it turns out a jealous neighbor kid doesn't like that Candy has something he can't have and all sorts of trouble ensues. Jaydon and my husband read this book together a few nights ago and, Jaydon being all into dinosaurs lately found the book pretty entertaining. As we find out all the trouble that Candy goes thru with her pet dinosaur we find out that Candy's neighbor learns a little something about friendship.

Dana @ The Dragyn's Lair
Hey guys and dolls it's your local neighborhood Dr. Fronkensteen here to tell you about a great book I was given a chance to review. Jason Sandberg is an artist that wanted to fill the void and write the children's books he always wanted to see in this world. You can see more on his website here. And as some one who gets to read a lot of kids books in my line of work I was happy to do it. So here we go. First let's talk about the pictures real quick. Jason Sandberg is foremost an artist and I really love his work and his craft. The images are so deep and rich they seems to jump off the page. The Cankersaur looks a lot like Dino from the Flintstones which makes him the perfect look for a child's pet. I really like the story. I love dinosaurs like nobody's business so I found myself actually being jealous of Candy getting a dino as her pet! Who wouldn't like to have a dino to play fetch with you? Sandberg adds a lot of depth with very few pages. You feel like you've been on a journey with these characters by the time that the book is over. If you had told me after this reading me this book that it was time for bed I would have been ready to go! One of the biggest examples of depth in the story was Chucky's semi "crush" on Candy. Jason was able to handle something that all kids deal with in a way that they can understand. I think it was a great example of the puppy love we all see as kids. It was done especially well when we see him trying to get the Cankersaur back when he noticed Candy was really hurt and missed him. Mr. Sandberg likes to think this is a great book to read to your small child and when they're a little older a book that will be one of their first easy readers. I think it'll be a book that will grow with you child as they get older. The story is deep enough read over and over again.

Jayne @ Gone Sweeping
This is a sweet story about a father and daughter bonding over an unusual pet. It touches on family, friendship, and not-so-good things that can happen when we let jealousy creep into our relationships. Boo said she liked this book a lot. She felt that the author picked a neat subject about extinct dinosaurs being a pets. She said she would like to have a dinosaur for a pet, too. Her favorite part of the book was about the circus but we won't tell you what happens because we don't want to spoil the surprise! She thought the illustrations were good. She told me it was medium difficulty level to read (she is in 2nd grade).

Sarah @ Mean Mommy Academy
Jason is a fine artist who wants to produce books that he would have loved to read as a kid. And what kid doesn't love dinosaurs???? His book, Candy and the Cankersaur is an homage to Syd Hoff (whom I ADORE) and is a picture book about a girl who receives a dinosaur as a gift and her determination to train him to be a good pet, but there's a jealous neighbor boy who stirs things up. It's a fun book for dinosaur lovers, and is also great for trips, since it's an e-book. My kids LOVED the colorful pictures, and it provided a great opportunity to teach my children a valuable life-lesson: people are more important than things. And I loved that it showed the boy feeling sorry and fixing is mistakes. That's something I try to teach my kids, and this book provided the perfect visual example for them. We need to do more than just say sorry. We need to right the wrong.

Shannon @ Confuzzled Books
Candy wants to be noticed and loved. Her father was a busy man who works often. Candy�s neighbor, Chucky, always gets jealous of the presents Candy gets from her father. Chucky always finds a way to get some better version of what Candy has. Candy�s father hopes the next gift, a pet dinosaur, will give her the companionship she wants. Of course Chucky is completely jealous of this unique pet and has to fix it so he on top, or so he thinks. Candy And The Cankersaur is dedicated to illustrator/author Syd Hoff. The illustrations are completely reminiscent of one of Syd Hoff�s most popular book Danny And The Dinosaur. Like Danny and The Dinosaur it is a easy read for those that are at one level higher than just starting to learn to read.The story while not really original is enjoyable with some dino excitement. Definitely a book for those that love dinosaurs.

Anna @ Diamond & Coal Book Reviews
Candace Courtney Wellesley Wellington, who everyone calls Candy, lives in a really big house with her Father. He never has any time to play with her, so he always gets her the best, most unique presents. This time he has gotten Candy the last known dinosaur, a cankersaur to be precise, as her playmate! Now if only she could train Cank not to bite! Candy's neighbor Chucky is very competitive though and when he can't get a dinosaur of his own, Chucky gives Cank to the circus. When he sees how sad Candy is, can Chucky help her get Cank back home? Jason Sandberg e-mailed me himself, asking for a review. And while picture books are really NOT my normal fare, I agreed due to how cute it sounded and the awesomeness of the illustrations. It immediately reminded me of the Sid Hoff books I read as a kid (it turns out he was inspired by Hoff and this is an homage to him!) and I was excited. It's just a short book about a lonely little girl, a dinosaur and a neighbor boy with a jealousy problem who becomes a friends. Very well executed it will definitely hold the attention span of the age group it's meant for. I spent the whole time I was reading it smiling at the story and the character's reactions. Cank being unable to be trained not to bite comes into play near the end in a really logical way. Good book to teach kids about sharing and being friends with others. The one thing I would say is this could be read to younger ages, but only older kids (7-9ish) could probably read it to themselves and fully comprehend some of the larger words. This is dependent on the child's reading level and comprehension skill though as well. Overall, a cute book for young children (ages 5-9ish) and adults will enjoy it too. The artwork is very well conceived. Maybe a sequel is needed with Candy, Cank and Chucky's further adventures? :)

Nicole @ Nichole Clark Blog
It was a really cute story... The girls sat for the whole book and asked me to read it again. It was also fun for the girls to turn the pages on the iPad. We all know kids are experts with technology. Overall the book was cute and simple.

Libby @ Ceative Blog Mom
Jason Sandberg has written and illustrated a delightful children�s book for girls and boys of a wide age range. The colorful characters and facial expressions pair nicely with the whimsy and clever intricacies of the story.

Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog
I feel that children, especially younger ones will enjoy this book. Heck, even the person reading it will have fun as well! This book has every element that is needed to keep a child�s attention with bright fun pictures and large text that�s easy to read.

Joy @ Joy Page Manuel
The first thing I noticed about this book is the colorful illustration that gave me a nostalgic feel. In this sense, Sandberg is successful in categorizing this book as an homage to cartoonist and author Syd Hoff.

Daisy @ Daisy Girl Productions
This is a picture book about a girl who receives a dinosaur as a gift and her determination to train him to be a good pet. It was adorable! It's very imaginative, which I just love. The story draws you in and makes you want to read until the very end, even as an adult. My favorite part has to be the beautiful illustrations. They are so colorful and creative. I could really see Cank becoming a children's stuffed animal (hint, hint, Jason).

Deena @ Deena's Books
This story is cute and engaging, and is extremely whimsical. I love Jason's motivation! He wants to recreate the books from his childhood, and he takes great care with his writing and illustrating.

Angie @ Angels Are Kids and Fur-Kids
I don't want to give spoilers about this fantastic book, so I will limit my details. That being said...this book is absolutely AMAZING!!! There is absolutely nothing to not like in this great book. This is one of those kids books that is fun to read, great fun to listen to when being read, has a great moral/value in the story that kids can take out of it, and is absolutely eye stimulating with all the fantastic pictures that are not only drawn to be fun to look at, but are very bright and colorful to look at also. My son is older than the age range this book is primarily geared toward, but even he enjoyed hearing the story and looking at the wonderful pictures. I read it aloud to him and he read it on his own, enjoying it both times. There were a few words that he did not recognize or know, but the wording is such that he was able to figure out what they meant as he finished the sentence and page. If you have any children in your life that you want to share a great book with, this is the book you should read with them or to them. The story line is fun and valuable. This author nailed writing a book that is different, yet you feel like it should have been around for ages and ages. I highly recommend checking out this book, the other books he has written, and following Jason on Facebook and Goodreads. All of that information is listed below. When clicking on the link for this book the other books of his will be on that site and where to get them also. So no more reading my review....get to clicking and experiencing this great author yourself!!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie
Full of colourful illustrations, not too many words on each page (key in my opinion at keeping attention at bay!), and importantly, a good moral, Candy and the Cankersaur is a story that both young boys and girls will enjoy. And for the mama's and papa's out there - you're sure to feel some nostalgia while reading this book as the author pays homage to Syd Hoff, author of Danny and the Dinosaur. Overall, a story the whole family will enjoy and one I'll be sure to read with Sully when he's a little bit older!

Michele @ A Belle's Tales
Candy and the Cankersaur is a fun homage to Syd Hoff that is perfect for all dinosaur fans. An adorable story with a great message and wonderful illustrations, this book is a hit for all kids and for those of us who are young at heart.

M. R. Buttars @ A Writer's Bookshelf
This was a fun, colorful book that a preschooler would enjoy. The images are bright and tells a cool picture of their own. The message of people and animals are more important are things is important. If you're child dreams of a dinosaur of their own, this is the book for them.

April @ April's Country Life
This cute tale of a bored little girl, her busy dad, her jealous neighbor and her pet dinosaur was a big hit with my 6 year old son. He loves using the Kindle and reading things with his big sister so he was super excited to check out a new story. While some of the words were a little complicated for a kindergartner on the first pass through, he thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining story and bright illustrations.

Meagan @ Meagan Says it All
I found this book to be adorable and charming. The kids kept pointing at the pictures and referencing the book and how they too wished they had a dinosaur. I did, however, have to help them with just a few words and we got off on a tangent about what it means for something to be "extinct". It was fun and also a learning experience.

Melissa @ Melissa's Midnight Musings
The story has a lot of different lessons embedded in it. First and foremost, money can't buy happiness. Even though Candy has all the latest and greatest toys, they aren't making her happy. Her father realizes theat as well, which is why he knows she needs a friend. Although, what Candy ultimately wants is to spend time with her father, which is something that many kids have experienced in today's hectic times, where either one or both of their parents may work.

Michelle @ Mommyhood Land
I really hope to instil my love of reading in my kids. As much as I love to actually hold a book to read, sometimes it is just better to go with an eBook. Especially when you have 3 children and love to travel and go on road trips. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got the chance to review this book and found that both my boys enjoyed it. They thought the idea of having a pet dinosaur was pretty awesome! The also enjoyed the art work throughout the book.

Monica @ Life is So Good
As a bedtime story book this is perfect for a parent to read to their 3-6 year old. As a read-alone book it is great for 6-9 year olds. Penelope is 7 and she had no problem reading this book on her own. The illustrations which are also by Sandberg are very kid friendly. They are colorful and reminiscent of bygone childhood cartoons. I love this sort of artwork for children's books. It reminds me of the innocence of being a kid. The story itself is very easy to follow and entertaining as well. It is the story of a little girl who receives the biggest surprise from her father...a pet dinosaur! Despite the fact that dinosaurs are extinct of course. It also has some lessons on jealousy, honesty and responsibility. I enjoyed this book and know that as a child this would have been one I read again and again. So what did the expert think about this book? In Penelope's words " I love this book. I wish I had a pet dinosaur!" Which got to her thinking about different names she would call her dinosaur and imagining different things they would do together. Which is another thing I love, books that stir a child's imagination!

Jill @ Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom
I read Candy and the Cankersaur and first thing I noticed was the rich, vibrant illustrations. It's a story about a little girl who receives a dinosaur as a gift and she is trying to tame him. There is a little twist along the way from someone Candy knows..... will she be able to tame and keep her dinosaur despite the challenges she faces? You'll have to read it to find out.

Melissa @ Missi Rose's Views
My boys love dinosaurs and have since they were really small, so this is perfect for them and for any boys and girls are are dino-crazy!

Vanessa @ Mommy's Block Party
I definitely recommend Candy and the Cankersaur for parents of children who have a fondness for "terrible lizards". It quickly captured the attention of my two dinosaur fans and delivered some great underlying messages.

Aimme @ Getting Your Read On
The illustrations are cute and the story is one that kids will probably enjoy- especially younger children. Who doesn't love stories about cute and well trained dinosaurs? This is a fun one!

Melanie @ Mel's Shelves
This is a book I would have loved to read to my children when they were young and I'm sure it would have been a favorite. There are also issues that can be discussed with children, including friendship, jealousy and determination. A fun book for children that adults will enjoy reading as well!!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos
What an adorable book! My boys absolutely loved it, but that's no surprise, as they love anything about dinosaurs. The basic premise of the story is that Candy's father is very busy with work and she doesn't get to spend as much time with him as she would like. While she has all the latest and greatest toys that money can buy, she is lonely. Her father feels guilty and decides to get her a special present - a pet Dinosaur - to keep her company. Meanwhile, her friend, Chucky, known for his "one-up-manship" becomes jealous of Candy's new companion and that's where things get a little tricky. The story itself is great, but what really captured my boys' attention is the illustration. There's artwork on every page and a few sentences to go along with the picture. My 6 year old had no problem reading through the story with me and has wanted to read it every single night since.

Jenny @ Books, Babies and Bows
The storyline touches on the basic challenges of childhood- being jealous of what other kids have, learning to take responsibility for things you own, and the complexities of parent-child relationships. The story and the illustrations complement each other well, making it a perfect book for emerging readers to break out and read on their own.

Shari @ The Knit Wit by Shair
The book has a lot of great lessons in it. It talks about how the little girl wanted to spend time with Dad. But Daddy was always so busy so he would buy her gifts to make up for it, but he didn�t understand she just wanted his time. Overall, we thought this was a great little story and really enjoyed it.

Melissa @ The Reader and the Chef
The cuteness is killing me! Candy and the Cankersaur is definitely one amazing bedtime story that I would LOVE to share with little cousins, and one day, with my own kids. It's a sweet story about kindness, sharing, learning, asking for forgiveness and appreciating little things in life. The drawings are so cute and colorful. I specially loved how Cank (the cankersaurus) looks so fun and playful. Candy's number one rule for him is that he should not bite, but this lively cankersaurus may have a bit of trouble following this rule. Eep! :D If you are like me and my sis, someone who still enjoys reading children's books because you also believe that there's no such as being too old for them, then you'll surely enjoy Candy and the Cankersaurus! And after you read, don't forget to share the cankersaurus love with your little cousins/kids!

Kenzie @ Chasing My Extraordinary
When Carson and I finished reading, I asked him to rate Candy and the Cankersaur on a scale of one to five. He happily gave the book five stars and I will have to agree! Not only did we have a fun time reading the book, but it the book taught a great lesson in doing the right thing.

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